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First 15 - Splatoon 2

First 15 – Splatoon 2

CGM takes a look at the first level of Splatoon 2, filled with creative platforming, Octarians, and tons and tons of ink to “splat” around

First 15: ARMS

First 15: ARMS

Nintendo is a little bit more than a week away from releasing the punch-out style game, Arms for the Nintendo Switch and CGMagazine had a

First 15: Tokyo 42

First 15: Tokyo 42

CGMagazine plays the first few minutes of Tokyo 42, the new action isometric shooter from SMAC Games.

First 15: Everything 1

First 15: Everything

Cody and Brendan of CGM take a look at Everything on the PlayStation 4 and are not entirely sure what they are playing.

First 15: Absolver

First 15: Absolver

Lovina gives us a rundown of what to expect in the upcoming martial arts epic Absolver. Running on the Unreal Engine, Absolver is developed by

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